What to Leave for Santa on Christmas Eve

If you're hoping for extra-special gifts, you should leave an extra-special treat for the big guy. Check out our suggestions for what to leave for Santa.

If you’re planning to leave milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, you may want to think again. Word has it that Kris Kringle’s tastes have changed over the years.

We’re not saying he’ll leave a lump of coal in your stocking if he finds this traditional snack on the hearth. But if you’re hoping for some extra-special gifts, you should consider leaving an extra-special treat for the big guy. Check out our suggestions for what to leave for Santa.

What to Leave for Santa to Eat

Because practically everyone else will leave something sweet for Santa, it will make a big impression on him if he finds a savory treat at your house. Try cheese and crackers, or a bowl of popcorn with butter and salt.

What to Leave for Santa: Swap the cookies for a plate of cheese and crackers

But if you can’t bring yourself to stray from the sweets, we understand. Try leaving Santa a doughnut, like a maple bar or a bear claw. Or if you must leave cookies, surprise him with molasses or oatmeal, or even a gingerbread man.

What to Leave for Santa to Drink

What to Leave for Santa: Instead of milk, try offering Santa a cup of coffee instead

Of course milk pairs nicely with cookies, but if you don’t leave cookies for Santa, you should probably choose a different beverage too. Bon Appetit suggests bourbon, which we agree Santa might appreciate. You could also try a cup of coffee, or even some green or black tea.

What to Leave for Santa’s Reindeer

In recent years, kids have started bringing home some glittery mixture to sprinkle on the lawn for reindeer. We wish they’d stop, because the glitter inevitably ends up on the living room rug. If you must feed the reindeer, try this reindeer chow recipe from Spoon University (above) instead.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  • Hah! i love it. Epoisses for Santa. what a great idea. it will never make it to midnight, tho. not with the wolverines that live in my house. thanks for the tips and happy holiday.

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