Perk yourself up or rest and relax with a cup. Check out all the ways to brew and enjoy coffee and tea, both hot and iced.

Learn How to Make Latte Art

Latte art isn't just for fancy restaurants and hipster coffee bars. Learn how to make latte art at home with the right tools, technique and practice.

This coming Thursday is National Coffee Day. Of course, we celebrate coffee every day — usually right around 5:30 each morning. But we’re excited to learn and practice a new coffee-related skill: latte art. Latte art isn’t just found in fancy restaurants and hipster coffee bars. It’s something you can do at home, provided you have the right tools and time to […]

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The Buzz on Flash Brew vs. Cold Brew Coffee

Both cold brew coffee and flash brew have been gaining popularity. Why should you try these methods, and what equipment do you need to get started?

Cold brew coffee has been gaining popularity. According to the coffee drinkers who swear by this brewing method, the taste is superior to hot brew coffee. But flash brew, or Japanese style iced coffee, has its fans too. In this post, we’ll look at the reasons to consider flash brew and cold brew coffee, along with what equipment you’ll need for each […]

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