Here you’ll find recommendations for delicious adult libations from beer and wine to creative cocktails.

Macerated Berries: The Easiest Summer Dessert

Macerated berries might be the simplest, most elegant summer dessert possible. Check out how to combine fresh berries with liquor or other liquids.

We’ve already discussed how to make dessert easy by turning fresh fruit into cobbler. But there’s an even simpler summer dessert you can try: macerated berries. In honor of National Grand Marnier Day on July 14 and National Tequila Day on July 24, check out how to combine fresh berries with liquor or other liquids to create amazing desserts. What […]

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Sangria Recipe Roundup: Spain’s Party Punch

Sangria Recipe Roundup: Spain's Party Punch

Sangria made its debut in the US at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Since then it’s become a refreshing summer staple for adults. While sangria originally hails from Spain and Portugal, the only people you’ll find drinking it there are tourists. Apparently that’s because Spaniards regard sangria much the same way we view fraternity house punch: sweet ingredients to […]

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