We love sharing fun ways to liven up what you’re sipping. Check out what’s new in coffee and tea, juicing and smoothies, and adult libations.

Attention Coffee Lovers: Drinks and Desserts With Coffee Liqueur

We searched for the most delicious ways to enjoy coffee liqueur. From cocktails to desserts, we hope fellow coffee fanatics will love what we found.

Coffee is a staple for our mornings. Not only does it help wake us up, we love the taste too. Naturally, we’re also fond of coffee liqueur. It goes well in both after-dinner drinks and desserts. In honor of National Kahlua Day on February 27, we searched for the most delicious ways to enjoy coffee liqueur. From elegant cocktails to creamy desserts, […]

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Sophisticated Mocktail Recipes: You Won’t Even Miss the Alcohol

There's more to non-alcoholic drinks than soda, fruit juice, and Shirley Temples. You won't even miss the alcohol with these sophisticated mocktail recipes.

If you’re among the growing number of non-drinkers, you’re in good company. Regardless of your reasons, there are many benefits to limiting alcohol or avoiding it entirely. But we know that just because you steer clear of alcohol, doesn’t mean you have unsophisticated tastes. There’s more to non-alcoholic drinks than soda, fruit juice, and Shirley Temples. Check out these mocktail recipes and […]

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French Press Coffee: Brewed Just the Way You Like It

Check out the tips and tricks we found for making French press coffee, along with product recommendations to help ensure your brew turns out perfectly.

It’s no secret we love coffee. From traditional drip coffee to foamy lattes and flash brew coffee, we couldn’t make it through the day without a cup. Another brewing method we love is French press. French press coffee requires more attention than drip, but you can also control the flavor and strength of your brew better with a French press than […]

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