Ask the Experts: How Do I Blanch Vegetables?

Ask the Experts: How to Blanch Vegetables

Q: What does it mean to blanch vegetables, and how do I do it? When should I blanch vegetables instead of steaming, roasting or sautéing them? A: Blanching is a smart technique for any cook to understand and use, whether you’re preparing vegetables for an appetizer platter or salad, or planning to freeze them. You can even use blanching to […]

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Cobbler Recipe Roundup: No More “Easy as Pie!” Now It’s “Easy as Cobbler!”

Fruit Cobbler Recipe Roundup

Fruit cobbler is one of the easiest ways to turn seasonal fruit into a fantastic dessert from scratch. It’s so easy that the saying “Easy as pie!” ought to be changed to “Easy as cobbler!” A good cobbler recipe uses fresh fruit and homemade biscuit dough. Since summer is prime time for fruit, we’ve rounded up a few cobbler recipes […]

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Sangria Recipe Roundup: Spain’s Party Punch

Sangria Recipe Roundup: Spain's Party Punch

Sangria made its debut in the US at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Since then it’s become a refreshing summer staple for adults. While sangria originally hails from Spain and Portugal, the only people you’ll find drinking it there are tourists. Apparently that’s because Spaniards regard sangria much the same way we view fraternity house punch: sweet ingredients to […]

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