New Arrivals in October for National Cookie Month

New arrivals in October include specialty bakeware from Nordic Ware for making cookies -- cookie stamps, shortbread pans, cooling racks and more.

We’re well into October, which means we’re well into baking season. Plus, October is National Cookie Month! There’s no better time to highlight our newly added cookie baking essentials from Nordic Ware. Whether you need some basic bakeware or you want to get fancy, check out our new arrivals.

New Arrivals: Nordic Ware Cookie Sheets, Baking Mats and Cooling Racks

No matter what kind of cookies you plan to bake, these are three bakeware essentials you can’t be without.

Let’s start with cookie sheets. We love the Nordic Ware Classic Cookie Sheet because it’s large enough to accommodate more cookies, but it still fits in a standard size oven. While the Nordic Ware Half Sheet with Lid (below) is slightly smaller, the lid comes in handy. Move all of your cooled cookies onto the sheet and pop the lid on top. It will keep your cookies fresh whether you’re taking them to a gathering or storing them on the kitchen counter.

New Arrivals in October: The Nordic Ware Half Sheet with Lid is ideal for baking, storing and transporting cookies

Another reason to consider the Half Sheet: the Nordic Ware Silicone Baking Mat fits on it perfectly. If you’ve never baked cookies on a mat, we bet you’ll be amazed by the results. Not only do silicone baking mats make cleanup a breeze, your cookies will bake up better too.

New Arrivals in October: Nordic Ware Stackable Cooling Racks help your cookies cool quickly and evenly, without taking up too much counter space.

Finally, a cooling rack is a must. As we covered in Part 3 of our Baking Fails series, cookies should be moved from the sheet to a rack right away. Cooling racks allow air to circulate all around your cookies so they cool quickly and evenly. The Nordic Ware Stackable Cooling Racks (above) can handle dozens of cookies and take up less counter space than other racks.

New Arrivals: Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps, Shortbread Pans and Madeleine Pan

One reason we especially love the bakeware from Nordic Ware is how easy it is to create amazing results. We highlighted their helpful cake baking tools last month, and their cookie tools are just as impressive.

Making fancy cookies doesn’t have to be difficult. Try the Nordic Ware Cookie Impressions All Season Set (below) — perfect for any occasion, any time of year.

New Arrivals in October: Nordic Ware All Season Cookie Impressions make it simple to decorate cookies beautifully.

We also recommend the Nordic Ware English Shortbread Pan, which makes elegant shortbread cookies. Serve them for an afternoon tea, baby or wedding shower. Nobody will know how easy they were to make!

New Arrivals in October: The Nordic Ware Madeleine Pan creates butter cookies in the classic shape.

Finally, you’ve probably seen Madeleine cookies (above) sold at coffee shops. Make your own with the Nordic Ware Madeleine Pan! So simple, and such a treat.

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