Attention Coffee Lovers: Drinks and Desserts With Coffee Liqueur

We searched for the most delicious ways to enjoy coffee liqueur. From cocktails to desserts, we hope fellow coffee fanatics will love what we found.

Coffee is a staple for our mornings. Not only does it help wake us up, we love the taste too. Naturally, we’re also fond of coffee liqueur. It goes well in both after-dinner drinks and desserts.

In honor of National Kahlua Day on February 27, we searched for the most delicious ways to enjoy coffee liqueur. From elegant cocktails to creamy desserts, we hope fellow coffee fanatics will love what we found.

Drink Recipes Featuring Coffee Liqueur

We know Kahlua doesn’t have the most sophisticated reputation. It’s primarily known for being a key ingredient in White Russians, Black Russians and Mind Erasers. But coffee liqueur isn’t limited to Ladies’ Night, as you’ll see in these three drink recipes.

Petit Café

This drink was created by the bartender at Elixir, San Francisco’s second-oldest bar. Saveur describes it as a cross between a White Russian and Irish coffee. What makes this drink unique is the inclusion of Green Chartreuse liqueur. The recipe also calls for whipped cream. Don’t spray it from a can; make it from scratch, please.

Upgraded Mind Eraser

We think Serious Eats ought to come up with an entirely new name for this drink. Other than coffee liqueur and soda, it bears no resemblance to the original Mind Eraser. Substitute rum for vodka, and add molasses, lemon juice, and Angostura bitters. This is definitely a Mind Eraser for grownups.

Espresso Martini

Name any liqueur, and we’re sure somebody’s made a martini using it. What we love about the Espresso Martini (besides the taste) is that it was invented way back in the 1980s by bartender Dick Bradsell. Refer to the ingredients and directions on Jamie Oliver’s website to help ensure yours turns out perfectly.

Dessert Recipes Featuring Coffee Liqueur

Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you might want to keep some on hand for cooking. From vodka sauce on pasta to bourbon-glazed meats, liquor can be a key ingredient. Many desserts call for a few ounces of sweet liqueur, like Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, and coffee liqueur.

Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Cake

We love ice cream cake in pretty much any form. This recipe from Food52 is several tiers above the ones you’ll buy at an ice cream shop. The prep time is significant, but the results are phenomenal. Use coffee liqueur to amp up the flavor of the coffee ice cream layer. Finally, remember what we said above about other types of liquor? You’ll need bourbon for the whipped topping layer.

Oreo Coffee Cream Parfaits

These parfaits from The Little Epicurean make such fun individual desserts. This recipe is a great excuse to get out your mason jars (or buy some). Again, be prepared to spend some time on this recipe and pay close attention while making the coffee cream. Plus, serving the parfaits in mason jars means built-in portion control.

Coffee Liqueur, Banana and Coconut Cream Poptails

Just the name of this recipe from Holly and Flora was enough to catch our eye. What are poptails, you ask? A cross between popsicles and cocktails, of course. These are not your children’s popsicles though. Serve these delectable creations to adults who love coffee and can appreciate the effort required.

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