Grab and Go With These Healthy Breakfast Muffin Recipes

Start the day with nutritious and portable meal, thanks to these healthy breakfast muffin recipes. We've collected our favorite sweet and savory options.

We’re over halfway through January, and now is the time our determination to eat healthfully starts to wane. We’re tired, we’re busy, and it’s easier to hit the drive-thru than to cook from scratch. And breakfast is probably the most challenging meal of all.

Start the day with a nutritious and portable meal, thanks to these healthy breakfast muffin recipes. We’ve collected our favorite sweet and savory options for you to try in your weekly breakfast rotation.

Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Muffins

Start off sweet with these muffins from Amy’s Healthy Baking. We love that the only added sugar in this recipe comes from two tablespoons of honey. While strawberries aren’t currently in season, you can use frozen strawberries if you thaw them as Amy suggests. We also like how the Greek yogurt adds protein, which is key for getting a good start in the morning.

Apple Pumpkin Breakfast Muffins

Don’t be fooled by the rolled oats sprinkled on top — these muffins are soft and sweet, not dry and crumbly. Pumpkin puree and diced apples, plus cinnamon and vanilla extract, are all key ingredients in these tasty muffins from Yankee Kitchen Ninja.

While this recipe does call for a half-cup of brown sugar, you can scale it back a tablespoon at a time and see how it tastes to you. Even if you add the full amount of sugar, we like how there’s also a full cup of unsweetened nut milk and a good amount of rolled oats in there too, for protein and fiber.

Spinach and Banana Healthy Breakfast Muffins

Wait! Before you scroll past this one, know that it was developed especially for toddlers. So even if you still dislike spinach as much now as you did when were a toddler, this recipe from Tribe Magazine could still turn out to be a winner.

Bananas are sweet enough to help offset the taste of spinach, and maple syrup takes care of any remaining bitterness. We love how this recipe doesn’t require a stand mixer — in fact, you can whip it up in a blender or food processor. And yes, the muffins are green, but once kids get a taste of them, they won’t care what color they are.

Zucchini Green Chile Mini Quiches

While this recipe isn’t for muffins, we think it’s so tasty we had to include it. We featured these quiches from Mom on Timeout last summer. While zucchini isn’t in season now, keep this recipe on hand for spring when the harvest begins. Use a mini tart pan, or mold the pie crust into your muffin pan and fill it with quiche filling.

Healthy Breakfast Muffins

We wish Esther, author of The Wholesome Fork and creator of this recipe, would have chosen a more descriptive name for these muffins. They look too delicious to have such a plain name. We love how you can pick and choose among your favorite seeds, from chia to pumpkin and every kind in between. Plus, there’s only two tablespoons of honey — the rest of the sweetness comes from bananas. Perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast.

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