Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Make drinks just as much fun as the rest of the treats. Check out all the spooky, twisted and festive Halloween party drinks for kids we found!

Halloween is one of those holidays where even the most nutrition-conscious parents throw up our hands and surrender to the sugar rush. Be honest: our kids are right; apples and raisins aren’t nearly as exciting as candy and gum.

When planning Halloween party drinks for kids, we’re in favor of getting creative. Instead of grabbing bottles of soda or a case of juice boxes, make their drinks just as much fun as the rest of the treats. Check out all the spooky, twisted and festive Halloween party drinks for kids we found!

Spooky Swill: Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Swamp Water: To create a drink that looks like it might be full of creepy crawlies, start with pineapple juice and ginger ale. Then add pomegranate juice a little at a time to get just the right hue. You can even juice a pineapple yourself with the affordable Breville Juice Fountain Compact.

Witches’ Brew: This fruity drink from Nicole at Wonky Wonderful is speckled with black kiwi seeds. Seltzer gives it plenty of bubbles too. Blend the kiwi until smooth and stir in the seltzer. Nicole suggests sweetening it to taste with superfine sugar, but we might opt for simple syrup instead. You could also blend half a banana with the kiwi to sweeten it and add some more froth without adding sugar.

Twisted Traditions: Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Ghostly Cocoa: We love this idea from Corey at Family Fresh Meals to use food markers to draw ghost faces on mini marshmallows. Your kids may spend more time drawing than drinking. Try drawing bloodshot eyeballs on larger marshmallows too, with a large black pupil and thin red squiggles.

You may be able to find food markers at your local grocery. Otherwise, look for them at craft or party supply stores.

Homemade Apple Cider: If you’ve never made homemade cider before, give this recipe from Our Family World a try. Your house will smell delicious! Serve it warm after straining the fruit and whole spices from the liquid. Or turn it into a Poison Apple drink by adding either cranberry juice or ginger ale, depending on whether you’re in the mood for tartness or fizz.

Festive and Fruity: Halloween Party Drinks for Kids

Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch: This fruity punch from Nourished Simply gets its gorgeous orange color from fruit and vegetable juice and sherbet. We recommend reducing the sugar by pouring half Izze and half plain seltzer, especially if you add the sherbet. Again, if you have a juicer, you can whip up your own blend of orange fruits and vegetables.

Spicy Apple Halloween Smoothie: We’re a little skeptical about adding cayenne pepper, but we love the idea of serving this smoothie from Green Thickies before sending kids out trick or treating. They’re more likely to drink than eat when they’re all excited, and this drink could help fill them up.

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