Gifts for Foodies: What to Get People Who Love to Cook and Eat

If you're shopping for someone who loves food, we've collected a few of our favorite gifts for foodies, from $25 and under to out of this world splurges.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when we all struggle to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. Even for people we know well, it can be hard to come up with brilliant ideas.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves food, we’ve collected a few of our favorite ideas in a variety of price ranges. Check out these gifts for foodies — you might find a suggestion or two that are just what you’re looking for.

Gifts for Foodies: Around $25

Mini Exotic Candy Bar Library from Vosges: For someone who just needs a taste of chocolate now and then, and whose tastes are more sophisticated than Hershey or Nestle.

Gifts for Foodies: Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper

Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper: Add a jar of kernels and an on-demand movie rental of the recipient’s choice. Yes, even if the movie is one you can’t stand.

Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman: Give this beautiful book to someone who appreciates both food and fine art, along with a tin of tea sachets.

Gifts for Foodies: Around $50

Chrismakkah in a Bag from Mouth: Somebody who’s got both a menorah and a Christmas tree in their home has a lot of work on their plate. They deserve a fabulous treat.

Gifts for Foodies: Epicurean Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter

Epicurean Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter: Know someone who dreams of owning their own pizzeria? Get them started with these eco-friendly tools that will make them feel like a professional.

Appetites Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain: The first cookbook in ten years from the self-described “psychotic, anally retentive, bad-tempered Ina Garten.” Pair it with a festive bottle of wine.

Gifts for Foodies: Around $100

Wood USA Beer Cap Map: Help a sentimental and well-traveled beer drinker remember all the delicious brews they’ve enjoyed. Start their beer cap collection off right with a six pack too.

Gifts for Foodies: PicnicTime Verano Cheese Board

PicnicTime Verano Cheese Board: This elegant cheese board is one of our favorites for entertaining with style. Choose a few select cheeses and other accompaniments to enjoy right away.

Cooking Lessons With Gordon Ramsay: Now available via MasterClass, learn from the master himself. Safer than being in Hell’s Kitchen with him, though no guarantees that he won’t drop an f-bomb or two.

Gifts for Foodies: Around $250

One to Ten Pack from Heatonist: For someone who prides themselves on their ability to savor hot sauce all along the Scoville scale. (They’ll know what that means.) Toss in ten pounds of chicken wings, unless they prefer to drink their sauce straight.

Gifts for Foodies: Wellness Mats Estates Collection

Wellness Mats Estates Collection: No matter how much you may love cooking, it’s tough on your feet, legs and back. These gorgeous mats make your kitchen look good and help your body feel better.

Gourmet Latkes and Modern Bite Cookies via Modern Tribe: Take one of your Hanukkah nights off and serve up some delivery instead. Feed the whole family with 96 mini latkes and a dozen beautifully decorated cookies.

Gifts for Foodies: Splurge!

Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon Steaks: The very best cut of the very best beef for the meat-lover you love more than anyone else. These steaks have more paperwork than a Best in Show winner, including DNA certification. (Starting at $275 for four 8-ounce steaks via Goldbely.)

Gifts for Foodies: Lagostina Martellata hammered copper cookware


Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper Cookware Set: Not only does this cookware look gorgeous on the stovetop or suspended above the kitchen island, it cooks beautifully too. Who couldn’t use a full set of gourmet cookware? ($599.95 on our site.)

Tickets to Alton Brown’s Eat Your Science: A night out with the Thyme Lord. Price dependent on show location, seats, and whether you go to dinner too. (Go to dinner too.)

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