Many cooking questions have simple answers, and many cooking techniques can be improved with quick tips and tricks. Find those easy answers here.

How to Soften Butter (So You Can Get Busy Baking)

If you’ve ever tried to cream butter and sugar for cookies using butter straight from the fridge, we understand. Patience isn’t our strong suit either. To avoid flinging chunks of sugar-covered butter all over your kitchen, it pays to soften the butter first. Aside from remembering to take it out before you decide to bake, do you know how to […]

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What Is Processed Food?

We hear a lot about how processed food is unhealthy, but what is processed food? It’s important to be able to recognize something in order to avoid it. In this post, we’ll cover what it really means for food to be processed. You might discover processed food isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Definition of Processed Food The International Food Information […]

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