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Gingerbread House Ideas to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright

Looking for some gingerbread house ideas for the holidays? Check out these expert tips and tricks to help you create the gingerbread house of your dreams.

Have you ever made a gingerbread house? While it can be a time-consuming and fairly messy endeavor, it can also be a fun family project for the holidays. You can even build your gingerbread house after Christmas, while you’re waiting to send the kids back to school. Before leaping into construction, take a little time to draw up plans for your gingerbread house […]

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Water Bath Canning Tomatoes: Do’s and Don’ts

Water Bath Canning Tomatoes

Our homegrown tomatoes are starting to ripen, and we have plenty of ideas for how to use them. Not only are they perfect for sauces and salads, they’re also delicious sliced with a bit of salt and pepper. So easy! But as with zucchini, we know the supply of tomatoes will outlast our appetite for them. Fortunately, water bath canning tomatoes is a simple […]

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Creative Watermelon Carving Ideas for National Watermelon Day

It's National Watermelon Day, and we're sharing cool watermelon carving ideas. No matter how your carvings turn out, at least you can always eat them.

It’s National Watermelon Day. But if you’re like us, you’ve been celebrating this delicious fruit all summer. From juices and smoothies to sorbet and even fruit leather, watermelon is the star of many summer recipes. No need to go to too much trouble either; you can always slice it up and enjoy it as-is. Today we’re looking at watermelon from a different […]

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