Baking is one of our favorite ways to create meals, snacks and desserts. Here you’ll find sweet and savory recipes, recommended bakeware, and smart tips and tricks.

Skillet Desserts: We’re Sweet On Cast Iron

We’ve raved about everything you can do with a cast iron Dutch oven. From baking bread to braising meat, this multi-purpose cooking pot is a kitchen essential. Now it’s time to look at what you can make with a cast iron skillet — specifically, skillet desserts. It might surprise you how the same pan that sears meat and bakes cornbread is […]

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Celebrate Math With Pi Day Recipes

It's a tradition to celebrate Pi Day with pie. We're featuring sweet and savory Pi Day recipes for you to try on March 14 -- or any day you're craving pie.

Whether you majored in mathematics or called it quits after algebra, pretty much everybody knows about pi. It’s defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and it’s roughly 3.14. That’s why in 1988, the San Francisco Exploratorium declared March 14 the first Pi Day. We’re a food blog — why are we writing about pi? Because […]

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Don’t Toss Overripe Bananas! Make These Recipes Instead.

Banana bread is a wonderful standby, but we've been wondering what else we can do with those overripe bananas. Check out all the delicious recipes we found!

If only our weather would cooperate, we’d plant a banana tree or two in our yards. That’s how many bananas our families eat. However, we still occasionally end up with overripe bananas. Banana bread is a wonderful standby, but we’ve been wondering what else we can do with those bananas that are past their prime. Fortunately, we found a bunch of […]

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